London Designer Label Queendom of Oeuf Launches

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Welcome to the Queendom of Oeuf blog, a celebration of all things relevant and whimsical from the new London-based lifestyle label. The debut collection of designer illustrated clothing focuses on luxurious UK and Italian-made textiles and fabrics that retain the fantastical and sartorial aesthetic that is central to our brand’s DNA.

For confident style-lovers seeking subversive statement-making looks, every piece that bears the Queendom of Oeuf name reveals tongue-in-cheek designs, taking abstract art to new heights whilst paying attention to detail and quality.

This week we caught up with the Queen, creative director and founder of Queendom of Oeuf, to talk about her first collection:

Describe Queendom of Oeuf in five words.
Whimsical. Relevant. Subversive. Arresting. Luxurious.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?
The world inspires me and drives me forward. Life is full of literal and figurative juxtapositions and contrasts that compel me on a daily basis, from colour, textiles and artworks to the connections and interactions between men and women. Every piece I create has its own journey.

How do you stay true to your vision?
For me, one of the key elements of Queendom of Oeuf is humour. Whilst I bare my own soul and style through my artistry and aesthetics, my aim is to create pieces with tongue-in-cheek elements that resonate but do not alienate.

What makes your debut Queendom of Oeuf collection so unique?
Every piece that bears the Queendom of Oeuf name has a deep-rooted story. The debut collection fuses my hand-drawn aesthetics with luxurious fabrics playing up contrasts in texture, pattern, print technique and colour palette.

Describe the Queendom of Oeuf customer.
Multi-layered, open-minded, creative, confident and fearless. There is not one ideal customer as I appreciate people for their differences on an intellectual, cultural, sexual and aesthetic level. What distinguishes the Queendom of Oeuf customer from your average fashionista is their individuality and sense of subversive style.

Describe some of your favourite collection pieces.
From the t-shirt collection, I love Headpiece for its diametrically opposed colour wheel hues and introspective design, and Women on Heads for its evocative print. Another favourite is 3 is Good Company for a design that embodies the eroticism of ménage à trois and open-mindedness. From the scarves collection, I really like Regis for its dark aesthetic of a sexually equivocal and elusive character, and Sleeping Flower Lady in Cocoon for its rule-breaking bright hues, jewelled tones and overall elegance.

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How will Queendom of Oeuf evolve next season?
We are all about expansion, experimentation and bringing new fresh concepts and creations to the Queendom of Oeuf customer. We will take the brand forward in new directions and add new lines and colourways over time.

Which designers or artists do you admire?
The Viennese-born artist, architect, environmentalist and philosopher Friedensreich Hundertwasser put diversity before monotony and rejected rationalism. I love that he applied his own surrealist stamp not only to canvas but also to buildings. He worked to his own agenda, using art for fantastical constructions, enveloped by pattern and colour.

As a London-based designer, what inspires you about style in the city?
Eccentricity, eclecticism and diversity. London’s fashion landscape reveals the history and culture of a city that has something for everyone and everything for someone. London has such an illustrious fashion history filled with cutting-edge designers and ever-conflicting trends. The style here is undeniably edgy and bold whilst dark and romantic.

Where is your favourite London hangout?
The Wolseley on Piccadilly. They serve delicious breakfasts in a grandiose setting that mixes up London heritage with a dose of contemporary glamour. I could easily stop by here daily with the Duke for a fix of French toast and poached oeufs.

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